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The Company Person-Group-System is a Medical Company having its roots at the mental health sector and a pioneering perception on rendering services. We are consistent with the principal of Medicine stating that prevention is an art more precious than cure. Following this concept of precaution we invest on creating the Wellness programs that is, programs oriented towards educating and promoting health as a whole in occupational environments.

But every living and constantly changing system – humans, companies organizations – can become sick and lose its balance.

We are here to propose an alternative way of restoring balance through profound understanding of the system’s principals and the causes of malfunction. We are here to create an individual and personalized “cure” for each case.


The Company Person-Group-System was founded by professionals of the field of mental health with great knowledge on:

  • How teams work
  • The way teams cooperate
  • How systems form
  • The principals of systems function

Our urge originates from our great interest on the ways many people together can relate to each other, work, cooperate, co-create in order to conquer their own personal targets through shared visions.