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The benefits of a company or an organization from the systematic use of programs for employees are numerous and can be described as direct ones and on the other hand, ones that are related to the transformation of the working environment. The direct benefits of applying Wellness programs involve:


  1. The reduction of absence or reduced productivity due to working stress or burnout syndrome. Healthy and balanced workers tend to be less absent and more efficient.
  2. The reduction of conflicts and improvement of communication between co-workers, securing from loss of time and creativity that could result in negative working environment.
  3. The reduction of work accidents.
  4. The reduction of absence because of health issues and also better management in already existing ones.
  5. Faster adjustment in new working conditions or big corporate changes.
  6. Faster incorporation of new employees in new working environments or new positions with added responsibilities.


The indirect benefits of applying Wellness programs are about creating a balanced working environment through which:


  1. Creativity through teamwork is increased.
  2. Innovation is promoted
  3. Productivity increases through a more sophisticated motivation of employees.
  4. The company itself attracts, hires and keeps more productive and efficient employers.
  5. Employees who participate in Wellness programs have higher morale.
  6. Employees who participate in Wellness programs have better attitude towards their employer, as their feeling of being highly esteemed is elevated.
  7. Employees who participate in Wellness programs feel that they participate in the company’s function thus resulting in caring for its progress.


A well designed and executed Wellness program can be a competitive advantage for every modern company or organization.

All Wellness programs are designed and executed by the “Person-Group-System” company follow the international, European and also local frames for promoting Health & Safety in the working place.