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Corporation interventions are applied either in specific highly evaluated working teams or in the whole system of a company or organization. They are being designed after thorough study of a system, side by side with the director and are applied in one or more phases.

They are useful when efficient systemic solutions are needed in order to restore the lost balance of a precious working team or of the whole organization





Promoting cohesion, teamwork and culture of a company or organization in working groups is fundamental in order to have a healthy working environment, highly productive, innovative and stable in times of crisis.

This is an important procedure and interventions should, ideally, take place periodically, every year. This is even more crucial after periods of crisis or with great realignments in the company or organization.

Promoting corporate cohesion and culture is better achieved through interventions lasting one or two days, and taking place outside the company’s area (hotels/ conventions/ field trips) where specialized motivators promote the desired outcome through experiential interventions.

Interventions are specifically designed and tailor made on the needs and culture of each company or organization.


Even in the best organized and efficient companies and organizations there is a point where one department or a working team malfunctions. Conflicts appear between the members of the team and a heavy counterproductive mood becomes obvious. The team loses its coordination, efficiency and creativity.

All managing efforts fail to control it and it is no longer obvious what the cause may be.

Even worse, in some cases this group can gradually conflict with other departments of the organization and then the sense of discomfort spreads through the whole company.

In these unfortunate but usual cases the only “cure” is an intervention from an expert outside the company, who in cooperation with the director, will study the group and through a series of group meetings/interventions will restore the balance in the team’s dynamics, restoring its previous function or even ameliorating it.

Such interventions are short-term, with a scheduled number of meetings. Interviews and study of the team take place before them, always in close cooperation with the director so they can be in accordance with the environment and the working culture of the company or organization.


Often in an organization or a company a diffuse malfunction appears, that is obvious in many departments at the same time, although no clear cause can be identified, so that the administration can cope with.

When this happens, we tend to say that the system of a company or organization is out of balance.

This is even worse when there have been extended changes to the system, lacking the proper preparation or when the system is coming out of a crisis situation which hasn’t been totally or efficiently dealt with and has created massive breaches on the system’s organizational web.


The common approach is an effort to repair at random parts of the company, hoping in a fast restoration of its working systems.


But often this is not enough.


Our experience shows us that in such cases the best solutions are usually the systemic ones.




  • At first a study of the company or organization is attempted at large so its principals (rules) that regulate their organization can be understood thoroughly
  • The cause and the extend of the system’s unbalance is investigated
  • An intervention is proposed, which is considered suitable to totally restore the balance of the system
  • The efficiency of the intervention is evaluated through time and consulting is offered concerning the prevention of similar phenomena in the future.

The systemic corporate consulting is a method thoroughly tested in American corporate systems and is gradually gaining place in the European continent. Our company is the only one applying it on the Greek business community.