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Our take on analyzing a company’s function comes from the Systemic Theory and the Theory of Systems.  Both these theoretical models are used in order to understand the operation of large organizations with multiple participants and people from various different groups that are called to collaborate towards a common goal. With Systemic theory based analysis, the company is being treated like a living being and so it focuses on:

  • the point where in balances initiate (at the point of deflection of its equilibrium)
  • identifying the compensatory mechanisms that activated in balances initiate
  • proposing interventions that will activate the mechanisms needed for the system to heal itself and lead it into a new balance.


The Theory of Systems on the other hand focuses on:

  • the dynamics governing teams that work together,
  • the structure mechanisms of groups and their networks
  • identifying key features of teams culture


All the above contribute to an organization’s function or malfunction. The combination of the two theories provides a three dimensional perception of how an organization or a company works thus providing the ability to suggest specific interventions with approaches alternative to the traditional organizational management.